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Name:Everything Transformers
Posting Access:Anybody

Welcome to tf_everything, the comm where you can post anything and everything you create in the Transformers multiverse fandom. We started this comm after noticing some specific categories of stories and artwork that do not have a "home", so to speak, where they can be posted without being behind a friends-lock. You don't have to try to remember what continuity is posted here, whether you have to friend-lock or not, or whether a certain type of smut is allowable. If it is Transformers-related and is your own creation, it is welcome.



So, what can I post here? Anything you have personally created, alone or in partnership with others, in any continuity of Transformers fandom. This includes fiction (crossovers and AUs welcome), artwork, fan videos, meta, and essays. Any rating, any continuity, any genre, any squicks or kinks are allowed, with two exceptions, because we don't want to get in trouble with the law: No smut featuring humans under age 16; also, no content that advocates violence against real people. If there's anything else you're worried might get the community into legal trouble, or purged from LJ, let us know if (and only if) you want to post it or someone else already has. We reserve the right to make the rules more explicit as needed depending on what content gets posted.

How should I post?
  • All posts should include the following header information as applicable:
Continuity: including any fandom that you might be crossing over with
Characters and/or Pairings:You need only include the major characters, but please include all pairings
Rating:G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 or K, K+, T, M, MA; when in doubt, rate high
Warnings: i.e. things that might trigger a reader/viewer, including, but not limited to, canon character death, smut (include method, e.g. sticky, pnp, spark), non-con, dub-con, torture, pregnant robots, sparklings, xeno (mech/human or other organic creature). When in doubt, warn. The last thing we want is for a reader/viewer to end up triggered by something in a creative work that should have been warned for--and warnings work as advertisements, too!
Notes and/or Summary:


  • The actual creation should be behind a livejournal cut or linked from a separate journal, comm, or site (such as deviantart or For more information on livejournal cuts, click here
  • Please do not link to a friend-locked entry as this defeats the purpose of the community.
  • Please use appropriate tags for the following: main characters, creator(s), rating, continuity (including AU and Crossover), type of entry (artwork, fiction, meta, fanvid, essay). You can add your own tags, but please use the format already set-up.
What else should I know?
  • Anonymous entries and comments will be disabled on this comm.
  • No flaming. If you cannot say it kindly and constructively, please don't say it at all.
  • Be polite and encouraging in your comments, and respect the fact that criticism may or may not be wanted. If you wish to offer a detailed critique, please ask the creator via PM if they want it. Feedback deemed rude or hurtful by mods will be removed.
  • Please be respectful of those who read your entry by proofreading, spell-checking, etc.
  • If you notice something a moderator should have caught (lack of tags, warnings, header, etc.), please contact a mod rather than correcting the original poster.
  • Please bring any issues such as harassment, flaming, violation of comm rules to the attention of a mod rather than addressing it yourself.
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